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It’s finally time to spill the tea on all things wedding. Pinkies out, ladies!

The Dress

Our Day-252.jpg

I found my A-Line Oleg Cassini at good ole David’s Bridal, after only trying on 4 dresses. I felt like Kate Middleton/Princess Mia, and all with pockets. I wrote a blog on my experience here: 6 Things I’ve Learned As A Plus Size Bride.

I accessorized my dress with a Jeweled Organza Sash and Filigree Flower Crystal Headband to accent my rose gold ring. I also chose to wear Kate Spade Keds instead of heels because there was just no way, friends.

The takeaway: I have always been a simple girl (code for hello I kind of dress like a hobo). I had to get over the fear of looking like a different person in all of my wedding gear, and I had to embrace the glitz and the glam to realize this is one of my only chances to go all out for not only my husband, for for me. My advice to you, you’re always a queen. Now it’s just time to dress like one. And then add glitter.

The First Look

Our Day-56.jpg

The pictures speak for themselves. The moment was perfect. I had been on the fence about ‘first looks’ for a while, but I realized I needed a moment. I needed a moment to be selfish and to alone with my husband, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of wedding prep. I needed a moment to cry. To swap bachelor/bachelorette stories. To laugh about Sam ordering not only a child’s size bowtie, but also pants so tight they looked like Lululemon. We needed a moment to just be and to remind ourselves that this is why we are here.

The takeaway: It’s YOUR wedding. It may not be tradition, but it is YOUR day that is about YOU (the collective you as in you and your husband duh). Take the time to step away and hide for a bit. And no, it didn’t make the aisle moment any less special, it gave us the clarity, the reminder, and the strength to be fully present in our ceremony. And it gave us a chance to take photos

The Venue

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We held our ceremony and reception at Shabby Chic Barn in Brooksville, FL. One of my favorite things about the venue, besides the gorgeous views and decor, was that it was all inclusive and helped with so much of the dreaded wedding planning. We got to choose our vendors from several options in each category (DJ, Photographer, Bartender, Baker, Day Of Coordinator, Design Team, essentially everything you would need to host an event) and then pay a flat rate to our venue. All contact went through the venue. All planning went through the venue. They made it a stress free, and even fun process. Not to mention, I had all day to get ready in their bridal suite cottage on the venue property. Game changer.

The takeaway: If planning feels overwhelming, check out your options with an all inclusive venue or through wedding packages. Not only is it less planning and less reaching out to individual vendors, it makes the day smooth and easy because all of our vendors were familiar with each other and had worked events together before. It makes for such a cohesive and simple experience.

The Little Details

  • When I got to the end of the aisle, I handed my mom a white rose from my bouquet. She did the same thing for my grandmother at her wedding, I thought I would make it a tradition

  • For my something old, I pinned a handkerchief from my great great grandmothers wedding inside of my dress.

  • We used my mom and dad’s champagne glasses for our toast. Complete with the cheesy ribbon from the 80s.

  • I ordered Harry Potter heart shaped cutouts for our sweetheart table. When I was at SEU and battling through some of the worst anxiety, Tyler would call me at night and read me Deathly Hallows to get my mind on something besides how alone I felt.

  • The Avett Brothers music was a huge part of our wedding. Our first date was to one of their concerts, and I’m pretty sure that’s when I knew I was going to marry him (sry cheesy sry).

The takeaway: Be sure to include your own personal touches. But also be sure to write them down somewhere, whether it’s your wedding binder (lol I used mine for like a week lol) or the Notes app on your phone. You don’t want to risk forgetting.

The Wedding Playlist

Our Day-417.jpg

As you can see, I would do anything to relive all of this, so it has been a complete joy getting to share my special day with you.

Keep your eyes open for The Honeymoon Blog! I’ll teach you how to endure the Christmas Eve Disney crowds, how to cruise in style, and how to get sloppy in Mexico, because you deserve it sometimes.

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Special thanks to our photographer, Roberto Jerez!