Girl Boss Illustrators

Libby VanderPloeg

Creator of my header GIF on this post, as well as the Wellness GIF on my homepage! She makes illustrations that are perfect for any feminist and any girl boss. Check out her Insta and her tumblr if you're in the mood to celebrate ladies. 

Philippa Rice


If you've been to my house in the last couple of years, I have probably tried to force-lend you my copy of Soppy, and not like Jedi force but in the, "If you don't read this, we aren't friends", kind of way. I am obsessed with this lady. I'm pretty sure she could be a god or something because she knows my life, inside and out. Whether it be my constant struggle with forgetting that I made hot tea and remembering once it's cold, or my love of baguettes, Philippa Rice makes some of the most relatable and heart warming illustrations of a boy and girl in love. And not in some elaborate way, because real love is found in the day to day of sharing a home, going to the movies and the grocery store. She has even released a Soppy Journal for couples to navigate their own ordinary romances and even give illustration a try by asking you to draw a portrait of each other. On her website, you can read more about her life in Nottingham, see her crochet projects, and see the illustration come to life because she is so dang cute with her little bob haircut just like Soppy. 

Nina Cosford

A post shared by Nina Cosford (@ninacosford) on

A post shared by Nina Cosford (@ninacosford) on

A post shared by Nina Cosford (@ninacosford) on

Nina Cosford is an illustrator based out of Southeast England who illustrates two of my favorite things to talk about: the narrative of HBO's Girls and the wonderfully awkward experience of being a woman. I first became familiar with her work through her tumblr, and this is now where I go when I remember there isn't going to be another season of Girls and I want to relive a bit of the glory days. Nina's website holds portraits of feminist babes like Frida and Coco as well as a travel series that allow you to see the world through her eyes. I am also a frequent visitor of her Instagram, where you can find her illustration that I find most relatable: Granny Girl. She has also released novel, My Name Is Girl: An Illustrated Guide to the Female Mind, that has been my solace in bra shopping, going out, and figuring out what kind of woman I want to be. 

Aminder Dhaliwal

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A post shared by Aminder Dhaliwal (@aminder_d) on

Aminder's Instagram might be my favorite. She creates comic vignettes that tell the sci-fi story of our world, far in the future, where all of the men have gone extinct. The women are left behind to not only survive, but to have town hall meetings, record the history of the past, support each other whether you're a nudist or a scientist, and to educate the new generation who never knew a world where men roamed free. One of my favorite storylines of the series follows young Emiko, who is captivated by Paul Blart, because she has known of no other men, which leads her to choose to be a mall cop as her career, even though in this sci-fi world, malls no longer exist. Aminder is releasing a book next month that will encase the entire series of "Woman World" and I have already preordered that ish. 

Loveis Wise

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I found Loveis Wise, known on Instagram as @cosmicsomething, through her art on the cover of The New Yorker. Not only does she have one of the most beautiful names, she is crazy talented and places a big importance on representation. I read in the New Yorker spotlight article that she is exploring a way to represent the disabled community in her projects, and I am so supportive of the fact that she has brought inclusion to all people, especially in beautiful works of art. She has an Etsy where you can check out her prints, as well as pins and earrings for your accessorizing pleasure. 

Gemma Correll

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A post shared by Gemma Correll (@gemmacorrell) on

Gemma Correll, illustrator and pug mom (ok I recently discovered her dogs have an Instagram and I'm obsessed @mrpickles_and_bella). Her illustrations showcase life as a woman who is less than perfect, just like all of us. She is able to capture the feelings we all have in a crowded yoga class full of beautiful blonde women, the feelings we all have when anxiety strikes, and the feelings we all have when we head back to good ole Menstrual Island. I discovered her Instagram when Tyler sent me a post to cheer me up on an anxious day and it definitely helped, both with making me laugh and with seeing my struggles represented in a creative and funny way. She has written several books that hold all of her sassy genius and witty perspective: The Feminist Activity Book and The Worrier's Guide To Life are some of my favorites. 

Kristen Valle

Support local art, support local ladies! Kristen and I go all the way back to elementary school, and I can't even remember a time when she wasn't artistic, creative and wonderfully talented. She is studying at FSU to obtain her BFA and I have kept up with her incredible abilities through Instagram over the years. She posts daily sketches on her story, so follow her to see this powerful girl at work! On her website, you can also see a collection of her commissioned pieces as well as her personal artwork that portrays a variety of cultures and a variety of narratives. I love this girl. 

Women Who Draw

Ok, wow. I love girls supporting girls. Women Who Draw is an expansive database of over 2700 illustrators who are able to represent themselves and their cultures in terms of being hired or being discovered for their art. The community was created out of a need for diversity of both gender as well as culture in the industry and has become a platform for all women to reach new opportunities in their craft. I could spend hours scrolling and scrolling. The "*" is also a way to welcome trans women and non gender conforming individuals to the site as well. Inclusion and representation is my love language. If you would be interested in supporting this game changing organization, check out their website here

Who can you support this week? Empowered women empower women.
— Linds