5 Iconic Looks from Mary Tyler Moore

"How will you make it on your own?"

My very own Femme Godmother, Mary Tyler Moore, is a style icon and I am living for it. She made The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show a fashion show within every episode. Here are some of my favorite looks that I hope you put in your pocket for when you decide to follow her lead. 

Mary Tyler Moore showcased feminine strength in her role of Laura Petry, although it may take some reading in between the lines. Laura is a stay at home wife, but the true cornerstone of the family seen through her husbands inability to manage without her. 

1. Tight Cigarette Pants

Pixie Pants.png

The true take away from MTM's role as Laura Petry is her infamous cigarette pixie pants. Laura's capris were a controversial choice on the show, but soon became iconic for their authentic portrayal of a housewife. She firmly told her network that, "Women don't wear full-skirted dresses to vacuum in". Old Navy is a great option if you are looking for this vintage pixie look with a bit of modern flare, especially since you can order them in polka dots. 

2. The Wedding Look

One of my other favorite looks of Mary in the Dick Van Dyke Show is from the messy wedding episode. After being left at the altar by an injured Rob, Laura still looks stunning in her birdcage veil and pearls. Her look showcased a more casual but elegant way to tie the knot. 

Wedding Look.png

Shop this look and keep your cool like Laura if and when all goes south at the altar. 

3. Suede Faux Fur Coat and Go-Go Boots

Coat and Boots.png

In Mary Tyler Moore's own sitcom, she portrays a confident woman who moved everything to Minneapolis, a bustling and intimidating city, to pursue a career and a life for herself, alone, at the age of 30. Can we just read that sentence again? Confident, career, alone, 30? This was a first for 70's television. One of my favorite outfits of the show begins right at the start, from episode 1. The hair, the coat, the boots, the whole ensemble gives me life. All of these stylish choices are rooted in confidence, which sets Mary's character up for a successful and thrilling new life in the city. Exercise your nerve and shop this look, it's sassy and you deserve it. 

4. The Neck Scarf

Scarves were also a popular look on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Whether to keep warm in the Minneapolis winter or just for a chic accessory, they always work in her favor to dress up a peacoat or her business attire in the newsroom. I'd like to think that her use of a scarf in the newsroom is an illusion to a tie, showing she can hang with the boys and work just as hard.  

Shop this look. 

5. The Infamous Beret

At the end of the title sequence, MTM spins and throws her hat into the air, a moment in television history that has been commemorated with a bronze statue in the heart of Minneapolis to this day. Hats off to women everywhere, "We might just make it after all!"

Famous Beanie.png


On both ends of the spectrum, from housewife to bachelorette, Mary Tyler Moore is my muse. It may seem trivial to talk about a strong woman and then analyze her wardrobe, but these two go hand in hand when evaluating the intentional choices of her iconic fashion and how it relates to the strong characters that were represented on the early screen. 

I would love to see your modern take on these classic MTM looks! Share a picture of you sporting your new pixie pants, neck scarf, or beret below in the comments or attach it to a post on your social media by using the icons below. I'll be the first to give you a thumbs up.