A Quick Update, things big and things small. 

Did you miss me? Let me explain:

I got an ass tattoo.


Sorry mom! Some girls go to clubs for their bachelorette, some girls get ass tats. (I definitely wasn’t Hamburger Mary’s drunk when this was taken)

I got a bee tattoo.


A bee for Balkcom. Not on my ass. That one’s a secret. This one is just a regular arm tattoo. 

I took up crocheting.

I’m terrible. 

I got my bachelors!


Got to shake hands with the infamous Judy. Wut in Bulls Nation. 

I redecorated! 


Tyler is starting school this semester so I had to move my meditation space out of the loft to make room for an office, but I honestly love how my shrine translated to this IKEA shelf. We also nixed our kitchen table to make room for a music studio. We tried decorating like adults, muted colors and decorative plates and all that, after the wedding but old habits die hard. Our house will always be full of life and the things we unabashedly love. 

I accepted my first teaching position! 

It was such a stressful time of year to jump in, with slim pickings as far as jobs went, but I feel so lucky. Although I had planned on working with older kids, I am teaching 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and it’s been a lot of fun overhearing their relationship drama, and watching these awkward sweaty humans operate in the wild. 

I was in a car accident! Two weeks before my wedding. 

Don’t worry, not my fault! Two lane roads are not for illegal u-turns, folks. Still driving around in my mom’s car like a G while mine is in the shop

I got a new last name!


I married my best friend. But I won’t dish too much, a tell-all post is in production as we speak, try to handle your excitement! 

I am currently obsessed with tidying and Marie Kondo.

She is a magical woman and a Disney princess. Please watch her Netflix show.

I’ve been doing my fair share of traveling! 


Disney World for a mini honeymoon and then sailed away to Grand Cayman and Cozumel for the real deal. But, again, I’ll save the details for another post. Not those details, ya nasty. 

It’s 2019!


I’m not one for resolutions, but I have missed you all and I have missed writing. So you didn’t hear it from me, but if I were you, I would keep my eyes peeled for a post unlike any other coming soon enough.

Cheers friends!