Hello, Fall Fashion!

All of these looks can be found at Modcloth, one of my favorite places to virtually window shop to find stunning yet affordable plus size wear. Happy fall, ya'll! 

The Vintage Look

Fall Potluck Overalls in Chocolate

by Modcloth. $79.00 Available in Sizes XXS-4X

I am living for this corduroy. Overalls are already one of my favorite articles of clothing for summer, but adding a new texture and look to the classic outfit allows me to continue my obsession all year round! Corduroy is a great option for fall because it comes in so many colors and adds a little extra warmth for those days with an autumn nip in the air (unless you live in FL like me, in which case, you fight through the heat for fashion). One of my main goals with my fall looks is to add to the comfy and cozy feeling that the season brings, so the soft and velvety texture of corduroy is one of my all time favorites. 

Intelligent Involvement Midi Skirt

by Modcloth. $69.00 Available in Sizes XXS-4X

Buttons. Pockets. Length. Enough said. 

Admired Archivist Top

by Modcloth. $35.00 Available in Sizes XXS-4X. 

Available in two colors, this classic striped top would be perfect with either the overalls or the midi skirt to complete your first vintage fall ensemble. Go muted or go bold, either way, I'm obsessed. 

Oversized Sweaters for Maximum Coziness

Quietude Is Everything V-Neck Sweater in Ivory

by Modcloth. $55.00. Available in Sizes XS-4X. 

Oversized sweaters are an essential part of fall. I love that when wearing oversized sweaters, I feel like I am essentially walking around like I did in my Dad's t-shirts when I was 5. I also love anything that is the same comfort level as pajamas but you look like you tried. 

Innovative Ways Oversized Sweater

by Modcloth. $49.00. Available in Sizes XS-4X. 

A pop of color, whether you wanna take it vintage or take it modern. 

Sweater Days Ahead Oversized Cardigan

by Modcloth. $59.00. Available in Sizes XS-4X. 

Mustard yellow is a color I have definitely had to warm up to, but I feel like adding this color in with an outer layer is a good start. I love anything with pockets, and I love anything with sleeves that give my arms enough room if I wanna layer with a long sleeve underneath. 


Banned Playful Nature Embroidered Blouse

by Banned. $49.00. Available in Sizes 8-22. 

Okay so hear me out. Cat fashion is definitely a sub category of my fall fashion. Maybe because of the whole Halloween black cat thing, I don't really know. All I know is that it works and it's adorable. 

Banned Fur-ward Thinking Button-Up Top


by Banned. $55.00. Available in Sizes 8-22. 

Floral gold buttons. Embroidered cats. Pleated collar. And a bit of a puffy sleeve. 

My Style Mews Socks

$9.00. One Size. 

Sheer hosiery socks are something I have been very interested in testing out with a new fall outfit. I love the idea of planning your outfit down to a T, so much so that even your socks are a part of the look. A+. 


Thrilled to the Brim Hat


This hat gives me major AHS Coven vibes. Sometimes, I like to feel a little witchey.  

Cap Your Route Newsboy Hat


Such a fun vintage look. Takes me back to Christian Bale in Newsies, and we all know he is dreamboat. 

Isn't She Chic? Wool Beret in Black


Makes me want a baguette real bad. 

Spooky, Not Cheesey 

Collectif Make My Wednesday Sheath Dress

by Collectif. $75.00. Available in Sizes 4-22. 

What I love about this dress is that it's spooky but it doesn't come right out and say it. It is an obvious tribute to the Wednesday Addams look, but in adding an accessory like the chunky yellow necklace above, it can easily be transformed into a sexy black dress with a Peter Pan collar. If you're looking to express your love of Halloween while still looking professional and on your game in a business setting, this is perfect. 

Verae Much Appreciated Knit Jumpsuit

by Modcloth. $69.00. Available in Sizes XXS-4X. 

I love that this jumpsuit isn't form fitting. Don't get me wrong, I love to show off my curves, but sometimes I just wanna feel cute and fun and flowy. And it has pockets. 

Lively Vibe Cotton A-Line Skirt in Spooky Newspaper

by Retrolicious. $59.00. Available in Sizes XS-4X. 

This is another spooky option that is subtle but something so unique and fun. And it has pockets.