9 Times Shoshanna Was Me IRL

Thumbnail gif comes from Nina Cosford, an artist I am so in love with. She has illustrated many of my favorite moment's of HBO's Girls and makes being obsessed with the show so much better. Here is a link to her tumblr Nina Cosford Illustration where you can see more of her beautiful art as well as her series "Nina Cosford’s GIRLS Illustrated".

I am a huge fan of Sex and The City, if you didn't already know, but being 20 in 2018 makes some of the content within the show laughably irrelevant. If you are in the midst of your 20's and you're feeling lost without being able to relate to the original Fab Four, let me introduce you to the new era.

Girls was created by everyone's favorite crazy naked cat lady Lena Dunham. This HBO series has been my rock. My Saturday nights, for as long as I can remember, go a little something like this: Bowl of ready-rice, my favorite elf pajamas, messy bun, a full season of Girls until I pass out.

The show, much like Sex and The City, follows four girlfriends in NYC. In shows like this, it is almost inevitable that you will attach yourself to a character, claiming that you're a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Miranda, or a Samantha (I'm a Miranda btw). In the world of Girls, I am definitely a mix of Hannah and Shoshanna. I am a Hannah for obvious reasons, she is a writer and I am a writer, she was an English teacher and I am an English teacher, she’s chubby and I’m chubby too. But with Shoshanna, it gets oddly specific.

Shoshanna is definitely relatable to all of us, whether you’re in your 20 or no, or whether you live in the big apple or not. When I watch Girls, I find myself, choking on my ready rice, in complete disbelief in how closely they have nailed the transition experience to adulthood and the funny life as a woman.

1. Having Shitty Friends.

In your 20s, you are thrust into this new life that you pretty much have to navigate on your own. Girls explores the process of friends growing apart, friends deciding that they don’t really like their friends anymore, and friends getting too busy to uphold the relationship. This has been a common trend in my start of adulthood, whether it be my friends falling off the face of the planet or just my friends changing, because everyone is changing. Even me, even Shoshanna.


2. Why am I here?

I moved my entire life to a new city, lived pretty much alone, to go to a Christian college that I thought would change my life for the better. I enjoyed myself for a pretty good while, but was constantly lonely and maybe even a little mistreated by these people who were supposed to lift me up. I was definitely first exposed to the glitz and the glamour of it all and then was left alone to pick up the pieces and fill my time with whatever else. I had this moment so many times and finally just decided to pack everything up move back over Christmas break after only one semester. This scene comes from Shoshanna in Japan, where her amazing new job and amazing new life isn’t at all what she thought it would be, after all of the weird wonder and fun of Japan collides with the reality of the business world and her position being cut, meaning she moved across the world for absolutely nothing.


3. The College Experience.

Shoshanna is a student at NYU majoring in business. At the start of the show, Shoshanna is very focused but as things become complicated with men and with the drama of life, we hear less and less about her classes and her degree. After going to apply for graduation, she is told that she is 3 credits short after failing a class. She blames the “bitchy professor” which is something we have all done, and letting our grades slip in the business of life is something was have all done as well. This violent freak out over school is something I have done, after being told that my AA transfer credits weren’t going to be entered in my new college’s system in time for the coming semester. This is the only time my mom had ever seen me have a panic attack. She went to the head of admissions, with me in arm, to settle the problem. My eyes were puffy and veiny from my freak out, and my mom was quick to give me her sunglasses that I wore inside of the admissions office and reassured me she would do all of the talking. With a little bit of mom magic, and intimidation, the credits “magically” appeared and I started classes in the fall like I had planned.


4. Self Explanatory.


5. Team no pants.


6. Been there. Been there many times.

No coffee is big enough. No room is too bright. I will bring my hoodie to the library, and I will nap. When I am over the homework bs, there is nothing better. 


7. Her social anxiety.

Shoshanna’s anxiety comes up a lot in the show, and definitely can be noticed through her fast talking and her many quirks. In this scene she says that she had been at this giant raging Bushwick warehouse party for 2 hours and has not spoken to a single person. Been there. She is dressed more from school rather than a rager. Been there, I am a constant underdresser. There have been so many instances where my friends are ready for a night on the town, and I choose leggings, baggy t-shirt and converse like a 3rd grader. They look sexy and I look sweet. There are also a lot of social cues that Shoshanna often misses or overthinks and I am very often guilty of that as well. Later in the episode, Shoshanna has a “crackcident” where she mistakenly smokes crack, which I cannot relate to, but she immediately says, “Don’t tell my mom!” and I know that would be the first thing out of my mouth.


8. Her search for love.

As funny as it may be, I really do believe in all of the hippy dippy tricks of love, and the advice found in self help books. I know, you’re probably coming up with a thousand reasons why all of these things are destructive to a woman’s ego and self esteem, but hold on one second. I am a person who likes to take actionable steps. Love is not always something you can be completely actionable about, especially if you believe in the whole timing thing. In reading the silly books and ridding your apartment of bad energy, I think it allows a woman to take control of her time while she is waiting for love, or perhaps taking the pursuit into her own hands. There are definitely harmful aspects to the whole self help game for women, but take everything with a grain of salt and do what makes you feel strong and makes you feel productive.


9. Her unabashed love of the music from 2007.

I still haven’t let this song go. No shame at all.

Source: http://ninacosford.tumblr.com/