Ovaries Before Brovaries - My Birth Control Solution

I’ve been on birth control since the 6th grade. It was the best option for me, not because I was the hottest 6th grader on the block, but because my periods before birth control were almost identical to the elevator scene from The Shining.

All throughout womanhood, my periods have been a roadblock, a nuisance, and an expense. 

A few years ago, I remember vividly, at 3 am, without a gynecologist present because the hospital didn’t want to call her out of bed at that hour for a visit, a sleepy male nurse had me prop my butt up on a bed pan, and he looked all up in my junk with a literal Big Lots flashlight. I then had an ultrasound to check an ovarian cyst with another nurse who had audibly moaned and groaned about my hypochondria that had woken her out of bed as well. None of them could comprehend that maybe I didn’t want to be awake at 3 am either, maybe I was awake and I was bothering them because I was in need of care and reassurance that I wasn’t hemorrhaging.

I obviously wouldn’t come to the emergency room unless I thought it was an emergency because why would I want to fork out over a thousand dollars for some ice chips and fluids. They finally recognized my seriousness and my need for help when it took them almost two hours to find a vein in my arm because I was so intensely dehydrated from being in too much pain to drink.

It took a signal that was seemingly untied to menstruation for the staff to even consider that I was serious. 

Looking back on another experience, I have been to my local health department for pills in efforts to find a cheaper alternative to paying 25 dollars a month at Walgreens. My care was fine, the doctor was fine, but in the dated and unkempt office, I waited, with an already scheduled appointment, for nearly 2 and a half hours. The visit all in all took up essentially an entire day before I was home. It was a cheap solution, and I would do it again to save the money, but it is costly with time. 

I obviously have my qualms with women’s healthcare, the treatment of endometriosis and the common trend of painful menstruation being brushed off by the healthcare professionals I have been seen by. I have my qualms with the tampon tax. With not being able to tell my professors or supervisors that I missed work because I was hunched over in pain and bleeding through a tampon within an hour, causing them to simply think that I don’t care about my education or my job, causing them to think that I was laid in my bed watching Downton Abbey all day. I have my qualms with the amount of effort it takes to just get a pack of pills that I desperately need, in a timely and affordable manor. 

After almost 10 years of giving my relationship with women’s healthcare the old college try, I think I might have finally found a solution: Nurx.

Nurx is an online resource for getting birth control the easy way, the stress free way and the empowering way. With Nurx, you are able to review your options in your own time without feeling the time constraint of a doctor’s visit. You are able to answer health questions, free of judgment and free of cutting corners. You can be honest because this is about you. 

One of the main goals of Nurx is to give women control of their own health, still with the guidance of a real healthcare professional, and give women control of their time and money as well. For years, I have been jerked around by the healthcare system in regards to my own consent, my own time and my own money, and this is the perfect choice and timely opportunity during this busy and tight season of my life. All in all, using their app, it took me less than 5 minutes to enter my information and place an order for my prescription. I then was contacted by a real doctor to tell my my options, and my next steps. And before you know it, I was able to pick up my pills from my mailbox. And don’t worry, they are in a safe and discreet package. It was honestly such a great experience.

And the best part is that the pills were only $5. And I don’t have insurance.

My next order, which will give me three months of pills, will be $25. Three months with Nurx is the same cost as one month when I used to go through a doctor visit, not counting a copay or whatever other ridiculous tests or fees that were often stacked on top. Once my health insurance expired, the health department felt like my only option, but Nurx has been my saving grace. I am still in disbelief. If you value your health, your time, and your money, there is no better option. 

All of this being said, I would like to reveal that this post is not sponsored in any way.

This is a brand and a service that I support fully without being incentivized or paid, for real. It may seem like a brand deal but it is only because I am so so so excited that this was such a simple and even enjoyable process. 

Ovaries before brovaries, us girls have got to stick together.