Vision Boards

Although a fad of the 90s, vision boards are actually one of the most useful and motivating strategies I have utilized as I navigate college, my career, and my 20s as a whole.

If you’re crafty, one of the most common ways of creating a vision board is by using a cork board with either pictures or words that you find online or words that you find after scrimping and scrounging through magazines that have spent months in your bathroom. Take your pick.

But, throughout my life, I have had several crafty ventures, and I now know where my strengths lie. Not with crafts! So, instead, I decided to make a Virtual Vision Board on my blog. It’s easy to create and easy to access and easy to share, so let’s do this thing. 

When we identify and can visually see our dreams and desires, we are more willing to work for them, to take action and make these images come to life.

With the law of attraction, some believe that if we visualize and focus hard enough on a dream, it will manifest our thoughts into things. It’s a hippy dippy idea, but I’m a huge subscriber to things like this. Things that require minimal effort, something that is actually kind of fun, and has the possibility to yield pretty impactful results. Vision boards have gotten a lot of flack recently from psychologists because of the pressure it can put on you to make your dreams, that may even be a bit unrealistic in the first place, magically come true. It also can place an unhealthy amount of guilt on a person if they are unable to reach their goals, making them feel like they didn’t try enough or that they aren’t good enough. But, what I say to that is that we have to go into this strategy with self love and grace. If self love and grace in correspondence to your goals is something that you especially struggle with, like me, I would make self love or grace or acceptance or contentment on of your visions you cast over your life. Make sure you know what is attainable for you, what is healthy for you, and what is realistic for you. This isn’t meant to tear you down, it’s meant to build you up, and is meant to be a wellness practice. If the law of attraction stuff is something that make you feel a little too responsible or unsure, simply use this skill as a way to motivate yourself, without bringing the universe into the whole deal. 

A vision board is usually loosely organized, like a collage of newspaper clippings. Even with the abstract nature of the project, it is very important to define your goals in your head before you start.

For me, I decided to keep it relatively simple and pick 4 goal categories: Self Love, Mindfulness and Meditation, Health, and Adventure.

These goals are pretty standard, I’m sure you have started and stopped these simple practices time and time again, but I’m hoping, with the use of visual goal setting and the law of attraction, I can refer back to these images when I’m feeling shaky and in need of redirection. I also plan to build on my vision board, adding new images when I figure out new goals. 

Whether you want to go the old school route and pull out your scissors and tacks, or if you want to build your own virtual board on Pinterest, I definitely recommend this as a way to get organized and get motivated! Be sure to tag me or shoot me a message if you decide to give this a shot! I would love to support you in your goals and will definitely need some accountability with mine. Let’s get this bread, ladies! 

Self Love:

Mindfulness and Meditation:



Send me your Pinterest boards or pictures of your physical vision boards! Girls support girls.